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The Greatest Game

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The Baseball Community
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A community for the discussion of anything and everything related to baseball.
All baseball fans are welcome, including fans of the majors, minors, college, et al.


Official Introductions Post - to be used for all user introductions

Baseball Links - both on LiveJournal and elsewhere

A list of recommended baseball books - feel free to add to it


Owner & Maintainer: prushrush

Maintainer: sauce1977

Mascot: Old Hoss Radbourn

Post Etiquette:

We like posts. Here's how to do what we like.

The general process:

1. Title the post (use the Subject field).

2. Provide main point, piece of news, image, et cetera.

3. Provide your written opinion on the post.

4. If using news, cite sources. Provide your links.

5. Use LiveJournal tags.*

6. Check the size of your post. Is it a long post? Consider the lj-cut.*

* = Optional

All entries need a subject line. This makes it obvious what the entry is about and it helps make it easier for people to find what they might be looking for when going through old posts or viewing the community journal itself and looking over the page summary view.

This community consists of fans of many different teams and leagues around the world. Vague posts with little to no information (such as "What a game!" or "Did you see that?") are useless.

Baseball isn't a community to dump one sentence. Avoid Twitter-like posts at all costs. Baseball also isn't the place to dump a link with nothing else said. People can check sporting news sites any time they want, so reporting the news by itself is a waste of time.

If you bring news in the post, then also bring your personal take on it. In other words, people want YOUR baseball-related thoughts and opinions. Those thoughts and opinions are the most important parts of the post.

Of course we want sources to be cited, unless it's the rare occasion that you're the source. Otherwise, link the news piece that you wanted to share and comment. Keep in mind that many news sites only keep a news piece for a few days, so following links weeks later might lead to some dead ends. So, if there's a paragraph or two that are really important from the news link, then you might want to copy and paste that bit into your post.

For the purposes of making the community more organized and making it easier for members to search for posts on a particular topic, please tag your posts. A full list of the community tags is here.

If you write more than a few paragraphs, or post more than a couple of small photos or a few thumbnails linking to larger images, please use <lj-cut>. Anything large enough to stretch a page, full articles, large images, etc. should be cut. Please be respectful of other community members and use the cut tag in these cases. If you don't know how to use this, go here.

Posts with comments disabled:

Posting with comments disabled goes against the purpose of a community. If you don't want the comments, you can turn off e-mail notifications in the post and others can still talk about the content.


Blatant off-topic spamming will not be tolerated. Usually, the post will be rejected & marked as spam for LJ Abuse. The poster will be banned. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis if the poster links to something with good intentions (such as a charity). In these cases, a warning may be given if it's determined to be inappropriate. However, baseball-related links and invitations to other baseball communities on LJ are welcome. We believe more awareness of other baseball communities and sites is good for discussion and the game as a whole. Selling tickets or baseball-related items, etc. is not allowed. However, if you do come across something you think is really neat, rare or notable for some reason and you want to post it, just e-mail us first. We'll let you know if it's okay to post or not.

Arguments, trolls, insults, personal attacks, and other serious business:

We want the community to be open to discussion and debate. Sometimes arguments might follow, and that's natural. In general, the protip is to rip the point, not the poster. If you want to dish it out, then you should be prepared to take it. Create big trouble at your own risk.

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